ACE-SEDI – YSBC Seminar On Proposals In Bridging Inequality

14 January 2020 (Tuesday) 9.00 am.
Senate Room, Level 3, Chancellery Building
Albukhary International University, Alor Setar, Kedah Darul Aman


  1. Presentation of Draft Final Proposal by the 4 Research Clusters and 2 Research Projects;
  2. Review of Research Proposals by AIU’s appointed Vetting Committee;
  3. To finalize Term of Reference for the MOA between AIU and UUM, USIM and USM.


  1. AIU Academic staff
  2. Researchers from JKM and Zakat
  3. Research Clusters from UUM, USIM and USM
  4. AIU Students


Presentation Cluster 1:
Developing an Inequality Database Priority for Household at the Bottom of Wealth Pyramid

Presentation Cluster 2:
Bridging Inequality at the Bottom of Wealth Pyramid through Social Entrepreneurship (SE) and Sustainable Livelihood Opportunities (SLO)

Presentation Cluster 3:
– Creating Sustainable Livelihood Opportunities for the B20 Communities through Islamic Microfinance Product and Services – A Study in Baling and Sik, Kedah

Presentation Cluster 4 :
– Instituting Household Transformation Plan (HTP) with Creditable Tangible Key Transformation Indicators (KTIs) for Communities at the Bottom of Malaysia’s Wealth

Research Proposal 5:
Single Parents,

Research Proposal 6:
Entrepreneurship for People with Disabilities (PwD/OKU Entrepreneurship): Bridging Inequality of the Grassroot Community.