News Report – 2020/01 : Activities for January, February and March 2020

08 January – Meeting with Encik Mohd Termizi bin Husin from Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah in getting the information on food assistance and poverty program
08 January – The Head of YSBC have met with Ustaz Zaini at SK Tunku Puan Habsah to get the B20 informations (the students’ name and the parent’s address)
10 January – Index Mapping for Kaki Bukit – Part 2. About 5 students went to the Kaki Bukit to continue their interview session with the villagers.
13 January – The head of YSBC had a discussion with Encik Ibrahim, Kedah State Manager of Tekun Nasional. They discussed about to have a cooperation in developing B40 group. The B20 group will be under YSBC, while the rest will be under Tekun Nasional.


14 January 2020 – Seminar in Proposals on Bridging Inequality. For more..