About Yunus Social Business Center (YSBC)

AIU has established a Yunus Social Business Centre (YSBC), affiliated to the Yunus Centre of Dhaka, Bangladesh to be a conduit for applied research programme in bridging inequality at the very bottom of our wealth pyramid.
SEDI and YSBC will undertake collaborative applied research programme to spearhead AIU into a global referral centre in transforming and empowering communities in bridging inequality.

Head of AIU – YSBC

Prof Sukor’s appointment as the Head of AIU-YSBC came with over 35 years of association with the poverty-focussed microfinance movement both in Malaysia and overseas.
In 1986, Prof Sukor with Prof David Gibbons brought the founder of Grameen Bank of Bangladesh Prof Muhammad Yunus to Malaysia as the first international replication of the Grameen Bank Model in Poverty Alleviation with the establishment of Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia (AIM).
Since 1994, Prof Sukor became an international poverty-focused microfinance resource person providing technical inputs to NGO-driven Microfinance Institutions in Indonesia, The Philipines, Cambodia, China, India, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Timur Leste, Saudi Arabia, Ghana and South Africa.

Seven thrusts of ‘Social Business’

  1. Not for profit, to overcome poverty.
  2. Financial & economic sustainability.
  3. Investor get back their investment money only. No dividend.
  4. Profit stays with the company.
  5. Gender sensitive & environmentally conscious.
  6. Workforce gets market wage with better working conditions.
  7. Do it with joy

Establish Yunus Social Business Centre

MOU and Agreement between ACE-SEDI and Yunus Centre
28-29 June, 2019
Convention Centre, Thailand, Bangkok

Research Proposal

The goal of the proposed research centre is to cultivate interaction between faculty, scholars, students, the industry, and community in order to enhance living conditions, research opportunities, and academic excellence, as well as providing solutions to real-world problems, knowledge creation and dissemination

This Centre subscribes to the Philosophy, Vision and Mission of AIU.  It drives research excellence in areas that will eventually be the niche of AIU. It will function to nurturing new principal investigators from postgraduate and post-doctoral candidates, high quality publications, innovative products, community engagement and industrial networking. This in turn will be manifested in novel solutions to social problems that are effective, efficient, and sustainable. It could provide AIU with support in identifying and developing core research agenda and capabilities in the fundamental and advanced domains related to intelligent cities, from the social, economic and humanities dimensions; and subsequently address social needs through innovative approaches.

Members of the centre consist of researchers who are committed and already engaged in collaborative research initiatives as evidenced by their records of joint research activities and publications. They include faculty members from AIU as well as research partners, targeted community members, and researchers from other institutions or organizations with excellent records who are committed to do research collaboration or community services in areas related to the mandate of the centre .

4 Research Cluster :
Clusters 1 : Albukhary’s e-Makmur inequality database.
Clusters 2 : e-Tracking SLO database
Clusters 3 : Customization islamic microfinace product and services.
Clusters 4 : Tracking of KTI’s and fulfilment of B20-HTP.

The Goal of our ACE-SEDI YSBC

  • The creation of Sustainable Livelihood Opportunities or SLO for all adult household members with priority to B-10 communities through appropriate Islamic microfinance products and services or IMP&S especially Musyarakah microfinance package
  • With tangible impact as reflected by our Key Transformation Indicators (KTIs), going beyond the conventional Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Undertaken through their respective Household Transformation Plan or HTP
  • Ss part of the goal of bringing prosperity to the communities at the very bottom of our wealth pyramid.
  • The third dimension will be the hallmark of Albukhary’s contribution to the global YSBC movement

Key Transformation Indicators (KTIs)

5 Year Plan AIU-YSBC

Paradigm 1

Paradigm 2

Paradigm 3