Index Mapping for Kaki Bukit – Part 1

Potential mapping at Kampung Kaki Bukit, Baling, Kedah

Mapping Study for Kampung Bukit Kaki, This Village is located in Baling District, bordering Kampung Batu 7 Rambong, Baling. An estimated 57 houses, here are the Students who conducted a mapping study in the village:

  1. Nazar Fazrin b. Nazri
  2. Ruqaiyah bt Mohd Rodzi
  3. Syarifah Nurul Syafira bt Syed Baharuddin
  4. Nadzirah bt Radin
  5. Siti Rufizah bt Nalu
  6. Alua Aimagambetova *
  7. Betul Dag *

They were divided into 3 groups and different locations and their job was to get the following informations:
– Profile of household and spouse
– Number of household, adult child
– Signage the location of the house ( No. of electric poles )
– Potential economic activities
– Who / Which agencies that provide the financial aids
– Minimum 2 pieces of pictures taken – The picture of the house and the students + the head of the household (during census)

Preliminary briefing session on the required students’ assignments in the field by Research Officer

The AIU students are conducting survey towards the villagers.

Potential activities for respondent to be skill-up

Student’s visit or survey to all the houses in the village.

Examples of home index visited by the students

Examples of home index visited by the students

Potential B20 that successful was detected in the village

Home / Resident Map of Kampung Kaki Bukit, Baling, Kedah.

This is the result of a plot by all the students who interviewed residents of Kg Kaki Bukit, Baling, Kedah.