Index Mapping for Rambung

Potential mapping of B20 at Kampung Rambung, Kedah.

The necessary steps before making a mapping are :

  1. Get all the B20 potential information which are from the Lembaga Zakat Kedah, Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat, e-Kasih, KIDA, information from school, information from the Ministry of Health and also information from leaders, local influencers.
  2. Get the information only at area of Rambung, Baling, Kedah.

Make a sketch of the map as below and plot the information of Zakat recipient together with their location.

Include the signs of surau, field, electric poles to simplify their locations.

Take the necessary pictures as below for review purposes.

No Tiang : KKB/32B

Siti Fatimah bt M Daud

No Tiang : KKB/15B

Che Gayah bt Hashim