Visit to Kedah Ministry of Health

27/11/2019 – Prof Dato’ Sukor had explained the importance of cooperation from the Ministry of Health especially to those closely related to health development among B40s specifically in Baling and … Read More

Zakat : Strategic Partner

The first meeting with Tuan Zakaria bin Othman, CEO of Zakat Board and Deputy Director of Kedah Zakat Board. The discussion of the meeting was about the program to be … Read More

A Courtesy Visit to KEDA

Visit to KEDA (Kedah Regional Development Authority). Meeting with KEDA General Manager, Mr. Haji Muhd ​​Kameh Bin Abdullah, he was briefed by Prof Dato’ Sukor Kasim from Yunus Social Business … Read More

A Visit to Baling District Office

24/07/2019 – The meeting with Baling District Officer, Encik Abdul Bari bin Abdullah, AMK., BCK Head of YSBC, Prof Dato’ Sukor Kasim and Dato Sufian Ahmad briefed on the program … Read More